Hello world!

My readers are me. Per the instructions, I will tell ‘me’ why I am starting this blog.

I recently read a compelling article about being a successful researcher and professor and in the conclusion, the author, who is a tenured professor, advises a new student to start a blog and write in it every day in order to get experience writing.

I’m not sure how writing on my own, without readers or editors, will improve my skills. But I suppose you can learn an instrument without teachers or an audience judging by how it sounds. Maybe my writing skills, too, will improve with my own judgment on how my words sound.

Scientific writing is unique in that it is formal, but not too formal, and there is no ‘fluff’ or style incorporated into it. I’ll try to approach this blog similarly, so if it seems bland, that’s why. The goal is to be both clear and concise with limited frills and no digression.

With that said, tomorrow I’ll write about something that interests me, or I’ll answer a question that I find online. Maybe I’ll say a few words about the necropsy I’m looking forward to assisting with in the morning.

Signing off.